Easy Hikes Zion National Park

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Zion National Park is located in Southern Utah off UT Highway 9 near Springdale, Utah. This park is full of hiking trails, biking trails, backpacking, canyoneering, horseback riding and more. There is an excellent shuttle system within the park that makes is easy and worry free to visit all the best locations within the park

For complete information including entrance fees, camping, lodging and more please visit the Zion National Park Website

Archaeology Trail

This trail is short, but steep. Trail begins across from the entrance to the visitor's center parking lot, climbs to the outlines of several prehistoric buildings, great views of the park.

This is a short hike from the Northeast corner of the Visitor’s Center parking lot, with a lage sign to get you started. Trail is sandy and when you get to the top, you will see remains of an ancient storage shelter. Several artifacts from this site are on display at the Zion Human History Museum (Shuttle Stop 2).​

Round Trip Length: .4 Miles, .5 Hours
Elevation Change: 80'
Accessible from Shuttle Stop(s): 1

Lower Emerald Pool


Paved trail leads to the Lower Emerald Pool and waterfalls. Trail has minor drop offs.  Connects to Kayenta and Upper Emerald Pool Trails. The lower portion of this trail round trip length is listed below, but you can continue to the Middle and Upper Emerald Pool Trails for a longer hike. Hike gets more strenuous after the the Lower Emerald Pools but the ending at the final pool at the base of the 300' foot cliff is worth it.

Round Trip Length: 1.2 miles, 1 hour for Lower, approximately 2-4 hours for Middle and Upper
Elevation Change: 69' to Lower Pools, 200' to Middle Pools, 400' to Upper Pools
Accessible from Shuttle Stop(s): 5

The Grotto Trail


This trail connects the Zion Lodge to the The Grotto. can be combined with the Lower Emerald Pool and Kayenta Trails to create a 2.5 mile loop

The Grotto Trail is almost completely level and it ends at the Grotto Trailhead and picnic area. It runs alongside Zion Canyon road and follows the Canyon Floor through a beautiful wooded meadow. This is a great trail for a leisurely stroll in the morning, early evening, or on cloudy days when temperatures are not so hot​

Round Trip Length: 1 mile, .5 hours
Elevation Change: 35'
Accessible from Shuttle Stop(s): 5 (Zion Lodge) or 6 (Grotto Picnic Area)

Weeping Rock Trail


Short trail, but steep with minor drop offs. Paved trail ends at a rock alcove with dripping springs. Trailside Exhibits.

​Weeping Rock Trail is great for all ages, as it is a short, fairly easy hike. It is one of the more famous landmarks in Zion National Park. Weeping rock is a large, bowl shape alcove where lower layers of sandstone has slowly eroded away, and water that has been descending in the sandstone is forced out the sides, making it appear to be weeping.

Round Trip Length: 1 mile, .5 hours
Elevation Change: 98'
Accessible from Shuttle Stop(s): 7

Riverside Walk

Paved Trail follows the Virgin River along the bottom of a narrow canyon. Trailside exhibits, wheelchairs may need assistance.

The Riverside Walk is a great trail on fairly level paved route that provides great views of the Virgin River. Young and old an easily handle this hike, and it is wheelchair accessible. On this trail, the walk itself is the journey, not some final destination, so take your time and enjoy all the incredible scenery. There area spots on this trail that allow you to get to the Virgin River to get your feet wet, and this trail is well known for numerous wildlife viewings.

The end of the Riverside Walk is the beginning of the world famous "Narrows".​

Round Trip Length: 2.2 miles, 1.5 Hours
Elevation Change: 57'
Accessible from Shuttle Stop(s): 8

Filter by

Archeeology Trail Head Start Trails 37.217807, -112.975110
Archaeology Trail End Trails 37.197780, -112.980472
Emerald Pools Trail Trails 37.260076, -112.951570
Emerald Pools Trail End at Upper Pools Trails 37.2573776278755, -112.96624904265627
The Grotto Trail Trails 37.251994283105795, -112.9561176057905
The Grotto End-Picnic Area Trails 37.25835627643403, -112.95114479027689
Weeping Rock Trail Trails 37.271237, -112.937573
Weeping Rock Trail End Trails 37.27162873600826, -112.93684195261449
Riverside Walk Start Trails 37.285214, -112.947695
Riverside Walk End Trails 37.29657669638084, -112.9482480045408

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