Grand Canyon West Rim

Grand Canyon

Aug 22

Visit the Grand Canyon West Rim, home of the world famous Skywalk, while you’re visiting Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon West Rim is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park, it is located approximately 120 miles from Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon West is owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe (Wall-up-pie), and they have lived in the southwest for many generations. Hualapai means ‘people of the tall trees’. They were primarily nomadic hunter-gatherers who also traded with nearby tribes. In 1883, the Hualapai Reservation was established with just under 1,000,000 acres. There are approximately 2,300 members in the Hualapai Tribe, and the tribal headquarter are located in Peach Springs on Historic Route 66.

The principal economic activities for the tribe are tourism at Grand Canyon West and Peach Springs, Cattle Ranching, and Arts and Crafts. Read more about the Hualapai Tribe.


The reservation is rich in hunting and fishing, and they sell guided Big Game Hunting permits for Desert Big Horn Sheep, Trophy Elk, Antelope, and Mountain Lions. If you’re looking to get that ‘big one’, we can’t think of any better guides than members of this tribe whose ancestors have lived on this land for generations. For more information about Guided Hunting and Fishing at the Grand Canyon, visit the Hualapai Wesbsite.


The Hualapai opened their land to visitors in 1988, creating Grand Canyon West as a tourist destination. Various packages are offered, and admission tickets include a Hop On/Hop Off Shuttle that takes visitors to amazing viewpoints like Eagle Point and Guano Point. With the opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk in 2007, the Hualapai Tribe provided a unique way to view the incredible Grand Canyon.

Lodging is available at Grand Canyon West in rustic cabins that face the canyon rim. Cowboys are on hand for S’mores and storytelling around an open fire at night.


Approximately 2 hours of South of Grand Canyon West is Peach Springs, AZ, where the Tribal Headquarter are located. The Hualapai Lodge is also located in Peach Springs and this is the location of the famous Hualapai River Runners, the only Indian owned and operated rafting company on the Colorado River. Click Here to view Whitewater Rafting Tours in the Grand Canyon.