An Eldorado Canyon Group Event is a Custom Group Event in Eldorado Canyon  for groups of 24-150 and more. We can work with you to arrange the perfect combination of Activities, Food, Beverages and more. Every Group Event is “custom” and can be set up to meet your client’s interests and needs.

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What is included in a Group Event?

All Group Events are “Custom Events”, the activities can include pretty much whatever you or your client desires (within reason of course!). The main “activities” available for Eldorado Canyon Group Events are:

  • ATV and RZR Tours
  • Techatticup Gold Mine Tours
  • Hatchet Tossing
  • Horseshoes
  • Spear Throwing
  • Archery
  • Air Gun Target Shooting
  • Treasure Hunt (Add-on)
Is Transportation included?

Transportation is not included for Group Events, but we can help arrange a Bus Charter or other vehicle rentals for your group.

How long do Group Events last?

Most group events last for approximately 3-4 hours in Eldorado Canyon, not including the round trip driving time of approximately 2 hours. Of course, since all Group Events are custom, your event can last as long or as short as you need it to.

Are meals and beverages included?

Group Events do not include meals, but we have many options available. We can either work with a restaurant vendor of choice or we can use one of our own vendors. Note: choice of a non-partnered vendor could adversely affect the quote.

Bottled Water is provide for all Custom Events. However, we can also provide Full Bar Service (Beer-Wine Packages, Open Bars, or Mixed Drink Packages).

Where is Eldorado Canyon?

Eldorado Canyon is located approximately 45 miles southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. 16880 NV-165 Searchlight, NV 89046

ATV & RZR Tours are the main activity for any Eldorado Canyon Group Event. Led by professional guides, whose top priority is client safety, these off-road tours provide guests with a chance to experience the southwest desert up close and personal.

Historic Eldorado Canyon is a one of a kind “must see” destination located in Southern Nevada. Mine tour guests will learn about the rich mining history of Southern Nevada, while seeing first-hand what resident miners endured while working. Additionally, guests will see vintage late 1800’s working equipment, one-of-a-kind cars, old west buildings, and a wealth of antiques in the general store.

The Eldorado Canyon ATV portion of the tour takes place on trails originally designated for mule driven ore carts. Guests will traverse mountainous terrain, gaze upon incredible cactus gardens, and witness some of the most inspired views Southern Nevada has to offer. Along the way, guides treat guests to various stops, offering a bit of history about the area, and which offer some fantastic vantage points of the Canyon.

What is the difference between an ATV and a RZR?

Our ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) are Single Seat, Sport Quad 250’s, that accommodate 1 person. These ATVs have handlebars with throttle and brake, and clients sit “on them” as opposed to sitting “in them”.

RZRs are considered UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles) and operate quite like a traditional automobile, with steering wheels, gas and brake pedals, and bucket seats with seat belts. RZRs accommodate 2 people and have full roll cages.

How many people can go on the ATV/RZR Tours at the same time?

There is no hard and fast rule about how many people can be on the trails at the same time, but for safety reasons, we generally limit off-road tours to 20 people at a time.

Rest assured your group will be kept busy. Having so many other activities to engage our guests, we can easily accommodate larger groups, by rotating activities. Note: Further down in this document you will find examples of past group event timelines that explain the process more clearly.

The Techatticup Gold Mine portion of the tour is a unique opportunity for people to walk through an actual mine that was once the largest producing Gold Mine in Southern Nevada in the 1860’s. An interesting fact, the Techatticup Mine, as well as the Gettysburg Mine were the first mines in Nevada to be worked by white men.

In fact, many of these men were reportedly Civil War deserters. Disagreements over gold and women were common and gunfights would happen often. The Techatticup Mine had a notorious reputation for everyday feuds over ownership, management and labor disputes. Killings were an almost daily event, where even lawmen refused to enter the mine.

Despite the notorious reputation of the Techatticup Mine, this went on to become the most successful mine in the Southern Nevada, mining millions of dollars in gold, silver, copper and lead for the next 70 years. This is a hard rock mine tour that takes you to areas where you will see the actual quartz veins the gold and silver ran in. Guests are taken deep into tunnels and through the mine and into  the rich history of the area. With a comfortable 70 degrees year round, this fascinating tour will show you the inner workings of the Techatticup Millsite and Savage Mine.

Undoubtedly, this Gold Mine Tour offers a unique glimpse of the harsh conditions these hearty miners endured in their quest for riches and will certainly leave a lasting impression as guests reflect on the rich, and at times infamous, history of the Southwestern United States.

In addition to the Off-Road ATV & RZR Tours, we offer numerous exciting activities for Group Events. These additional activities can be arranged as individual challenges, or can be combined into a Team Building Activity complete with Scoring and Prizes.

  • Hatchet Tossing
  • Horseshoes
  • Spear Throwing
  • Archery
  • Air Gun Target Shooting
  • Country Band-Clogging

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Since each group event is a custom event, we can’t provide hard and fast timelines, schedules or itineraries. However, we have provided some actual timelines from recent groups on this page, to give you an idea of how different groups plan their events. We can tailor YOUR Group Event to meet your activity choices, food choices, and of course your available times for your group.

127 Pax-Two Day Event

This was a group of 127 that wanted ATV Tour ONLY, and they wanted to arrive in ‘waves’, spread out over two days.


80 Pax-Bar-BBQ

This was a group of 80 pax that wanted Bar and BBQ.

We  offer some of the best food options through our partnerships with both Ricardo’s & Capriotti’s restaurants. Note: You are also welcome to arrange your own catering, bring your own lunches, or not provide lunch.

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View BBQ Catering Menu


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