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What do we do?

Awesome Adventures offers of many types tours in the surrounding Las Vegas area. Our tours range diversely from water tours, ATV tours, all the way to air tours and sightseeing in the Grand Canyon. With 25+ years in the Las Vegas Market for Adventure, we know our client's wants and deliver.

Awesome Adventures does not only provide amazing tours for individuals who book online or via telephone. We also handle some of the biggest outdoor events in the Las Vegas Area that encompass a massive range of activities and services. With groups sizes ranging from 100-400 people and multiple activities running continuously it is apparent that we can handle all sizes of events and can get the job done effectively and most important... efficiently.

What is included?

Eldorado Canyon and Awesome Adventures are set up to handle large groups from 20-400+ people. Larger groups are broken up into teams and teams take turns cycling through different activities insuring every person has a chance to experience Eldorado to its’ fullest extent.

Our success isn’t measured in how many people we can get through. It is measured in the smiles of those who overcome fears, those who discover themselves and those who achieved more than they thought they could.

Our adventure guides are specifically trained team builders to exercise and challenge individuals both mentally and physically. Guides help those who are fearful to overcome and for the fearless - to achieve more and become leaders

Our typical tours and exercises range from ATV/ RZR Tours, Techatticup Mine Tour, Target Shooting (Archery, Hatchet Throw, Pellet Guns), and Team Building. Any combination of these activities can be put together in any order depending on the size and needs of the group.

Delicious food and drink are provided through Awesome Adventures’ 5 star review catering services. Please be sure to check the associated menu to see all that we offer!

As always, our success is measured by our clients success. We hope to be your hosting provider of choice and remember, Live the Adventure; Love the Adventure!

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