Oregon Coast

For our very first 100% drone shot video, we chose a place of timeless beauty - the Oregon Coast. While the Oregon Coast may not your typical beach vacation spot of choice, it does provide an unscathed and less developed beach areas that are equally as beautiful, not over crowded and the smell of cigarettes isn't lingering in the 100 degree air.

As a matter of fact, it's a cool 50-70 degrees up here and that cool temp is probably is what is keeping away the fair weather beach goers that contribute to those rambunctious crowds.Check out the cool shots and video below.

As a child I always had dreams of soaring high above the clouds like an eagle. So quiet, so calm, and so far away from the demands and struggles of life; "Above the Clouds" seemed like the place to be. Well, last week I had a chance to send my drone above the clouds....kind of..

The FAA states that when flying unmanned drones that you have to stay at or below 400 feet AGL (above ground level) from the point the drone took off and that you can't fly the drone out of your line of sight. Finding clouds that are hovering a mere 400 feet in the air is a rarity at best.

"So what's the next best thing," you might ask? My response, "Well flying above thick fog and mist after a moist rain in Oregon would be the solution!"

That's me, my son, and my beautiful wife waving bye to the drone in the beginning of the video as it takes flight and I live vicariously through the drone to fulfill my dreams of soaring above the clouds as an eagle.

Mason Street Courtyard Eureka Casino Resort
Gregory's Mesquite Grill Eureka Casino Resort
Town Square Eureka Casino Resort Mesquite
Seasons Lounge Eureka Casino Resort

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