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Nevada Group ATV Tours

Custom Group ATV Tours

An Eldorado Canyon group event is a custom group event for groups of 24-150 and more. We can work with you to arrange the perfect combination of activities. Every group event is “Custom” and can be set up to meet your client’s interests and needs.

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Where Is Eldorado Canyon?

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Overview Of Group Event

What Is Included In A Group Event?

All group events are “Custom Events”, the activities can include pretty much whatever you or your client desires (within reason of course!). The main “activities” available for Eldorado Canyon Group Events are:

  • ATV And RZR Tours
  • Techatticup Gold Mine Tours
  • Hatchet Tossing
  • Hackett Throwing
  • Jenga
  • Corn Hole
  • Horseshoes

Is Transportation Included?

Transportation is not included for group events, but we can help arrange a bus charter or other vehicle rentals for your group.

How Long Do Group Events Last?

Most group events last for approximately 3-5 hours in Eldorado Canyon, not including the round trip driving time of approximately 2 hours. Of course, since all group events are custom, your event can last as long or as short as you need it to.

Are Meals And Beverages Included?

Group events do not include meals, but we have many options available.

We do not offer catering or bar but will work with whoever you hire to ensure the guests have an Awesome experience.

We have a covered structure area that can seat up to 75 people.  We can also include a bonfire at the end of the day, sitting around the fire pit sharing stories about their day.

Bottled water is provided for all custom events!

Option 1

  • 75 min ATV/RZR Tour Only
  • Up to 32 people per shift X 6 groups = up to 192 per day
  • Does not include Transportation: Roughly 45 -55 min from strip
  • Tour Includes: The guest will be given safety gear; helmet, helmet sock, goggles, & gloves. No Experience necessary, the tour guides will go over safety instructions on how to use the equipment. The guided ATV scenic tour is roughly 60 min ride time and 15 min gear/safety instruction. Traveling through the beautiful “Eldorado Canyon” with breathtaking mountainous terrain
  • Bathrooms and water provided
Option 2

  • 2.5 hrs ATV/RZR & Gold Mine Tour
  • 75 min ATV/RZR Tour & 75 min Gold Mine Tour & Sightseeing
  • ATV/RZR listed above plus Gold Mine Tour
  • Your next Adventure will take you into a rich historic journey of the world-famous Techatticup Gold Mine Tour” where you will be taken back in time to 1861 with amazing historical stories of what the miners had to endure and the tools they used, plus unique out of this world antiques. The gold mine tour is roughly 60 – 75 minutes, you will be amazed by what you see. Several movies, music videos and reality tv series have been filmed here.
Option 3


  • Time Frame 4-to-5-hour Event – once arrived at location
  • Up to 100 people
  • Group events can be custom to your time frame and the amount of guests
  • These activities are divided into 3 to 4 group events throughout the day
  • Group A-ATV/RZR Tour; Group B-Gold Mine Tour; Group C- Game/Activities
  • Group D-Scavenger hunt or Bonfire or lunch
  • Games/Activities Include: Hatchett throwing, Corn Hole, Jenga, horseshoes
  • Each Shift is estimate time frame 60 min. then switch groups
  • Cratering Service for Lunch or dinner & Bar Service (provided by DMC)
  • We will work with your Cratering/Bar Service Companies with location power & water.
Timeline Examples

Since each group event is a custom event, we can provide some ideas of timelines, schedules. Below we have provided some actual timelines from recent groups on this page, to give you an idea of how different groups plan their events. We can tailor your group event to meet your activity choices, and of course your available times for your group.

  • Most asked questions:
  • Transportation is not included for group size over 24 people
  • How long to travel to location? 45 to 55 min from the Strip
  • How long are Group Events? Depends on what activities you want to included 75 min. to 6 hours
  • Are Meals and Beverage included? Lunch can be provided up to 24 people.
  • We DO NOT provide catering service or Bar Service.
  • We have a covered Structure where events can be held seating up to 100 people.
  • We provide table and chairs-No linens
  • Information Need to quote event:
  • Number of guests, Date, Number of Activities you want to do; Time Frame

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