Sprinkles and Champagne Tour Las Vegas

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 Ages: 21+

 Duration: 2 Hours • Up to 40 People • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

It’s donut time!


2 hours


If you’re looking for a unique experience, plus Snap Chap and Instagramable moments, then our Sprinkles and Champagne package is for you!

Donuts or doughnuts, no matter how you spell it, is a classic American confection of sugary deliciousness, little circles of happiness and one of the most addicting and popular foods on the planet, but lately they have become an obsession with people of all ages, and while they have always been the perfect breakfast companion, they are no longer just for mornings, they can be eaten any time of day for any reason, made into wedding cakes, groom cakes, and added to dessert tables, dessert menus and special events.

Back in the day, basic glazed doughnuts were all the rage but today you can find them in different flavors and tons of decadent, exotic toppings from cookies, coconut and cereal, to peanuts, candy, fruit and of course, sprinkles; and frostings, marshmallow fluff, caramel glaze and syrups, and infused with jellies and creams. The possibilities are endless. Nothing beats the taste of a freshly-made, warm doughnut!

The best thing about a doughnut is eating it, but what is also enjoyable is making and/or designing them yourselves and we offer two options: A mini- doughnut maker will be delivered to your room for the ultimate DIY doughnut-making decorating party or you can order already made mini “cake-style” doughnuts. Included in this package are a variety of toppings and Champagne.

This immersive, interactive and delicious experience is the ultimate in fun for your bachelorette party, friends weekend, birthday celebration or just something different to do, and a chance to show off your creativity and talent.

This package includes:

  • Doughnuts and Décor to decorate in your suite or private residence
  • Professional photographer to capture all the memories
  • Bubbly for everyone
  • Scrumptious donuts to eat after the party of decorating them

All packages include:

  • Champagne – Enjoy a refreshing, sparkling beverage during your photo tour
  • Professional photographer – One of our expert photographers who is specially trained to capture the perfect moment. Your photographer will take a minimum amount of shots per time slot. 48 images per hour, 72 images per 90-minutes, and 96 images per two hours. We always try to make the best of our time and take as many photos as possible so this is not a fixed number, just a minimum.
  • All Images electronically web size for sharing – Sized for online sharing with Photo Tours Vegas logo in lower left corner.
  • All images reviewed by the photographer after the tour, then made available online for download or prints. Images archived after 2 years. Suitable for prints up to 12×18 Ultra high quality or 36×48 normal quality
  • Vehicle – A luxury vehicle to pick you up and drop you off at your strip hotel in most packages. Some tours are only pick up only and noted on the package details. Vehicle included will seat up to variable included in the package description
  • Beverages – All of our vehicles are stocked with water to keep you hydrated throughout your tour
  • Driver gratuity – Tip for your driver is inclusive in your price
  • 6 months viewing on a private webpage that can be shared with friends and family – After your tour, you will be provided with a privacy code that is yours to share with your friends and family, and it will give you access to view all of your photos for 6 months
  • Taxes – No hidden fees! Our prices already include all charges
  • Variables – Length of the tour can be extended for things like a liquor store stop, additional photo destinations or special weekend events