Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon

Nov 08

Discover Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon - A short drive will take you a long way; in fact, over a hundred years into the past. Techatticup, once known as the largest producing gold mines in nevada, is where you will find yourself when you arrive in Eldorado just off old Highway 165 in the small town of Nelson. Established in 1861 in the gun slinging days of the wild wild west, Eldorado looks as if it was frozen in time when abandoned in the 1940’s.

Awesome Adventures Eldorado Canyon

A Photographer’s Paradise

Since then, its’ convenience in proximity to those visiting nearby attractions like the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas has attracted a flock of photographers, cinematographers, and artist from around the globe to reap of its’ stunning visuals.

Proximity to Las Vegas and Other Attractions

Eldorado is conveniently located just 25 miles away from the historic town of Boulder and Boulder is just a mere 7 miles from the impressive hoover Dam. Passer bys and tourist are all within litteral reach of stumbling upon a gold mine!

Tours and Activities

On the contrary to most historic tours, Eldorado offers adventure, excitement, and exploration as you and your group head out on the excursion of a lifetime. This is a history lesson you and your family won’t forget. In most cases, the tour of the gold mines are coupled with 1 of 3 exhilarating tours: ATV , Kayaking, or Helicopter Tour - And that’s not to say you can’t do all three if you so please.

Whether you want to take it easy on the lake in a kayak, tear up the old carting trails in an ATV, or land in style by helicopter, the Mine Tour is included at no extra cost to you.

The Mine Tour

Descend down hundred of feet below the mountains and hills of Eldorado to find a life that once was. Smell of sweat and oxen driven carts still clings to the cool dry air of the caves. Learn on the guided tour the pursuit of Gold and the price most men paid for their hoped finds of treasure